How to Organize an Open House During A Pandemic

Running a real estate business, or say, any other business during a pandemic is more difficult than people presume it to be. As per real estate agent Cary NC, the impact of a pandemic on business is vast, and the unexpected and immediate change in the economy as well as the lifestyle posed as a threat to even the top-selling real estate agents Raleigh NC. The lockdown due to COVID-19 had a huge impact on the economy, but life must go on. The virus impacted the economy, and not just real estate. Keeping this in mind, every top real estate agent Raleigh NC improvised to stay in business. 

Organizing an Open House During a Pandemic

Many real estate agents Raleigh continue to hold open houses during COVID-19, keeping in mind the safety of the seller, as well as potential buyers. Every top real estate agent in Raleigh or every real estate agent NC is advised against holding an open house as a service to a client if it contradicts the government mandates and recommendations. If there is a ‘shelter-in-place’ announced, then even the best real estate agent in Raleigh is restricted from holding an open house.

Open House in Places Where ‘Shelter-in-Place’ Is Not a Mandate

Some of the best real estate agent Raleigh offers the best services to all their customers, even during a pandemic. In places where ‘shelter-in-place’ is not mandatory, certain precautionary measures must be taken to organize and hold an open house. These measures include the following. 

  • No more than ten people must be allowed to tour the real estate property at a time. The number of people within the premises must not exceed ten, which will also include agents and sellers.
  • Top real estate agent Raleigh must consider allowing only one buyer group at a time.
  • Guests must maintain social distancing at all times, and keep a distance of at least six feet.
  • Every guest who enters the premises must wash their hands and use an alcohol-based sanitizer immediately upon entry, as well as during exit.
  • Wearing a mask at all times is recommended.
  • The seller must use disinfectant on the premises after the open-house.

It would be ideal to postpone an open house unless the seller has a strong reason to sell immediately. In addition, it would be wise to ask potential buyers if they have recently traveled or felt sick before they are allowed inside the premises.

Open House in Places Where ‘Shelter-in-Place’ Is Made Mandatory

An alternate to an open house where physical presence is a necessity is the virtual and Livestream open house that is gaining a lot of popularity in the real estate business now. Some of the best real estate agents NC have already adopted this to boost their business, especially where shelter-in-place’ is made mandatory. The virtual tour of the property can be streamed live, or the host can use a recorded video. Top real estate agent NC says that virtual open house is the future of real estate as it can reach many more people than a personal event can. It is an exceptional marketing tool that is more ideal than all other measures in place. A virtual open house is safer, convenient, as well as the ideal approach during a pandemic such as COVID-19.  

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