How to Prepare Your Home for Sale

If you are a homeowner trying to sell your house, it takes more than good luck to sell your home quickly at a large profit. It is not the best idea to list your house without preparing in advance. A few touch-ups can go a long way when it comes to making a good impression on potential buyers. Here’s what to do:


You may think that showing off your family and personal decor inside your home will make potential buyers feel more welcome, but it can actually have the opposite effect. Pack away your personal photographs and other objects that may distract potential buyers. Your home should have an impersonal, clean environment so they can imagine the home decorated with their own items rather than yours. 

Organize Cabinets & Closets

Potential buyers will want to look inside closets and cabinets to check out the available storage space. Imagine opening a kitchen cabinet and pieces of Tupperware spilling out onto the floor while you are touring a home. Prevent this from happening by organizing all items inside closets and cabinets to show that you care for your possessions and took good care of the house while living in it. Neatly stack your dishes and turn coffee cup handles to face the same way. In the closets, shirts should be buttoned and hung together and shoes lined up neatly.


If there are items sitting around inside your home that have not been used in over a year, it is time to part ways with them. Consider donating the items you no longer need to a charity or nonprofit organization. When preparing your home for potential buyers, remove books and other knick-knacks from bookcases and clean off the kitchen counters. Your essentials can be packed away in small boxes and placed neatly in closets.

Minor Repairs

Make minor repairs or fixes as needed; they can make or break a sale. Replace any cracked tiles and patch holes in the wall. It may be a good idea to paint any brightly-colored walls a neutral color. Replace burned-out lightbulbs or bulbs that haven’t been changed in a while to prevent a bulb from blowing out during a showing.

The Ida Terbet Group

Over the last 30 years, the Ida Terbet Group has helped over 10,000 people buy and sell their home in the Triangle. By providing every client with a highly personalized level of service, we’re able to achieve their real estate goals in an efficient and streamlined manner. Allow our team to help you navigate a successful real estate transaction in the Triangle! Contact us today!

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