The Economist says Durham is very successful

The Bull City is bustling and big names are taking notice of its resurgence. A recent article published by The Economist recognizes the revitalized tobacco town as one of the most successful cities in the nation reporting that “Durham’s success reflects an emerging trend: high-flying cities, and the successful firms they contain, are detaching from the rest of the economy.

According to the article, which spotlights Durham’s population growth, area career prospects and the overall landscape of the broader Triangle metro:

“Durham, whose population grew by about 7% in that period, provides some hints as to what makes a place flourish. The city thrives on its proximity to three top universities—Duke, North Carolina State and the University of North Carolina. Far-sighted planning in 1959 led Durham and its close neighbours, Raleigh and Chapel Hill, to establish a research park between the three cities. The idea was to coax the universities’ boffins into business ventures. It worked; today 50,000 people work at site. Graduates flock there, often starting firms themselves.”

The international news site is among many research teams and publications to tout Durham’s calculated growth and development. The city’s American Tobacco Campus continually earns great acclaim as a hub for startups and investments, a scene for foodies and entertainment and much more. Paired with its convenient access to the Research Triangle Park, area colleges and Fortune 500 and global companies, Durham is certainly making a name for itself.

Read the full article entitled “America’s most successful cities, states and firms are leaving the rest behind,” here.


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