Simple Home Staging Strategies

Getting your home ready to sell? It’s not as simple as straightening up, dusting and making the beds. It needs to be staged to attract and interest homebuyers.

Your real estate agent can refer you to a local staging expert or you can take on the job yourself. Either way, the prep work will be worth the time and effort when your home quickly goes from “for sale” to “sold.”

If you will stage your home on your own, consider these tips and techniques to perfectly present your house.

Create curb appeal
You want to start off on the right foot with homebuyers and make a good first impression to set the stage for the rest of the house tour. Cut your grass and edge your driveway. Sweep the stoop and add a new decorative doormat by the front door. Paint your front door and replace outdated house numbers with a new style to suite your home’s exterior. Power wash siding and windows.

Cut the clutter
Homebuyers like to see space—floor space, counter space and closet space. Take the time to pack up items that are overflowing from your drawers, built-ins and storage spaces. Remove small appliances from your kitchen counters. Arrange your closet by clothing type or color—remove bulky coats and extra shoes for more space. Aren’t sure where to put all of the items you’ve collected, rent a storage unit or container.

Deep clean
Simply running a vacuum over your carpets and dusting the shelves won’t be enough. Buyers may look at every inch of your house during a house tour. Think a deep spring clean. Focus on your floors—scrub tile grout, hire a professional to clean your carpet and rugs. Make sure bathrooms, including your medicine cabinet and vanity drawers are organized and spotless. Clean out the refrigerator and pantry. Replace burned out light bulbs.

Go neutral
You may like your red walls, but homebuyers may not. Consider a fresh coat of neutral paint to cover bold or dark accent walls and rooms. Remember, you want to present a space that another family can visualize themselves in—they may not share your design choices.

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