Home Staging: Putting Your Best Foot Forward


Spring is the real estate market’s “prime time” season. Activity is typically up across the board this time of year, and many people decide to take advantage of the busy season and list their homes. What we know is that well-staged homes always show better, and often sell more quickly and for a higher price. Often, a few quick updates, some de-cluttering and deep cleaning and strategic furniture placement can make a huge difference. We’ve assembled some staging tips to help you get your home market-ready like a pro!

1. De-clutter. It’s the very first thing you should do when you are preparing to list your home. Buyers are turned off by a cluttered, chaotic home; it makes it harder for them to visualize how they would live in the space. Decluttering will allow you to show off the “bones” of your house, and, having less “stuff” will make your eventual move easier as well. Go room by room and toss or donate items that you infrequently or no longer use-try and take the emotion out of it and really think about what you need. It will be liberating and ultimately will help you sell your home.

2. Make an excellent first impression! The first thing potential buyers will see is the front door, make it inviting to buyers buy giving the exterior of your home a little TLC. Powerwashing or a fresh coat of paint can make a huge impact. Consider things like landscaping, a new front door or even something as small as a few potted plants. These small changes can add up to give you maximum curb appeal.

3. Pare down and reconfigure your furniture, it can cause clutter too! Determine the pieces that you truly need for your home to be functional, and get rid of or store extra or oversized items. Once you have done that, examine your furniture placement and consider changing things up to create a fresh, open look. Floating furniture away from a wall to create seating areas is a great way to make a room inviting. Get a second opinion; your listing agent can be a great help as they know what appeals the most to potential buyers.

4. Remove heavy draperies and replace them with something lighter, and make sure rooms are properly lit. Buyers will appreciate seeing the natural light in each room. Great lighting can also make a room appear larger and more open.

5. Throw some paint on it. Even if you are just re-touching white walls, paint can make a big impact. Remember that loud colors or elaborate murals or wallpaper could be a deterrent for some buyers; a nice white or neutral can create a soothing environment and a blank slate for buyers to be able to see how their furniture and color choices would look in the house. Refresh or refinish your furniture as well, a coat of glossy black or white can transform an older, heavily-used piece and make it look brand new.

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